Link Header/ Text between pages

Bit of a rookie question, i know I’ve accidently done it dozens of time before not on purpose, but i cant figure out how to do it on purpose this time. But I’m currently in the midst of creating 20-30 fairly identical pages, the only difference being is the town name are different (It’s apart of our service area for landscaping) i obviously don’t want to update each page independently when i need to make changes. I tried to make every text item a “class” in hopes that if i make changes one page that it will change for every page that has a text field with that same class. What am i doing wrong that i cant achieve this?

Example Page 1:

Example Page 2:

if I for example want to change my phone number (Under Canton/Avon CT) i want to be able to update it on "Test’ and also have it reflect on “Test-Copy”

Hi Colby,

I wonder if using a CMS would make more sense for this application. That way, you only have to create the layout once, and it will simply populate with whatever is in the CMS. In addition to that, you could save some time on data entry by creating one CMS entry and just duplicating it to modify the details that change. Does that make sense?