Class confusion.... (will be an easy one for most...)

I’ll be honest… I’ve always struggled with ‘classes’, even back in the hand coding CSS days. That challenge continues.

I want to break a class convention and point a ‘Link Block’ to a standalone page (in this case, the MRes page). I had assumed the answer was to duplicate the class and then wire up the new page in the ‘settings’ panel - but when I did this (I called the new class name something like - MRes Link Block) - it seemed to change all the other ‘Link Box’ classes i.e. also pointed them to the same page).

I assumed the whole point of being able to duplicate a class was to allow the inheritance of functionality but the ability to customise certain aspects (like where is it linked to for example).

Any ideas folks? - many thanks

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

This isn’t a Class issue. This is a Collections issue. Whenever you’re using a Collection List like that, the property you set for the objects within will always be the same for all of them. Those CMS Objects should have their own URLs and you just have to reference the CMS Object’s page to go to the right page. Are you trying to get one of them to NOT go to a CMS Object’s page but a different page entirely?

thanks Vincent that’s useful - yes… different page entirely

In that case, you might want to just set up a redirect and have the CMS Object kind of be a … “Dummy Object” just to get the Elements there.

In your project settings, set up a 301 Redirect (That’s PERMANENT, all modern browsers will save that redirect even if you remove it later!) from the CMS Object URL to the Page URL you actually want it to go to.

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magic, thanks Vincent - I’ll give that a go.

Alternatively, I guess I could just create on page as a standard Link Block - though retaining CSS behaviour and consistency might end up being an issue…

This worked perfectly - again, many thanks for your help.