Limiting Editor access to some CMS's

Hi, I am not a website designer, but I design and manage my sites. So, I don’t need Workspace Plans. I normally get the Site Plans. All my sites are on the CMS Plan.

Although I have used Webflow on and off for a number of years now, I have never made use of the Editor feature as there wasn’t a need. I am now looking to use it as I am looking to get someone to help me with some data entry. I wanted to know:

  1. If I had multiple CMSs on my site, can I restrict the Editor to having access to specific CMSs? I have found that I can disable the Editor function on the Sections of the CMS Collection Pages, but I couldn’t see a way of disabling access to a CMS element.

  2. On the CMS Plan, it says 3 Editors. Does that mean 3 other users on top of me as I am the main admin and site owner?

  3. Lastly, on the Workspace Plans, am I right to believe you can do granular Editor permissions? If so, how granular can you go? Some examples would be nice.

Thank you.


No. They will have access to everything in the CMS.

Yes. However you can only login through the dashboard, not directly through the ?edit query param on the live site.

As far as I know, the only permissions you can control in the Editor are the ability to publish or not. All other granular permissions I believe are limited to the “Editor mode” in the designer which is a different thing. I’ve not used the team features but most of the permissions features I’ve seen are geared towards Enterprise.

You’ll need to dig into teams capabilities if you want to know more.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions properly.