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CMS / Editor User Permissions

Hi Everyone,

Just getting started with Webflow and have a couple of questions.

Does the Editor allow only some collections to be accessible to client/users? (for example, if I have 10 collections and I want frontend users to be able to access only 3 of the collections.)

Also, am I able to restrict users of the Editor to edit only the items they created?

If not possible, has anyone implemented some sort of frontend ability to create, edit, and delete CMS items?

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Webflow doesn’t have granular permissions all so all editors are equally able to modify any content. You would need a 3rd party CMS and an integration into Webflow achieve it.

Hi @Gail_Ranger! Am also investigating this. Can you recommend any third-party applications that can do this job?

I’m not aware of any with a Webflow integration.

Alright! Well, thanks for answering anyway.