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Webflow CMS - Administrators and Users

My client requires 5 Administators for the CMS, and numerious other Editors/Users. Is this possible with Webflow CMS?

The Editors/Users should only have access to certain sections of the site e.g. one person might be in charge of the blog, one in charge of events etc and be able to create new content/pages (but only in their section). Is this possible?

You would need Team accounts for multiple Designer users. There is no role based access control. For editors you can restrict them (all of them) to only be able to edit the content of certain elements. Webflow is very weak in this area. If these are your requirements then I don’t think it is a fit.

You would need Team accounts for multiple Designer users.

I’ll be designing the site, for a client. The client has a team of people responsible for the website, they all want to be Administrators (have overall control of the CMS but not design). Would I still need the Teams account for multiple “designers”?

Okay, to just make sure I understand, as well the Administrators there will also be Editors responsible for certain sections of the site only. But there is no way in Webflow that an Administrator of the CMS can restrict Editors to only certain pages of the site (like the blog, or events)?

Many thanks

Another issue. I think the client require about 5 Administrators and the same number of Users/Editors. I’ve just seen the hosting plans. The CMS hosting plan only allows 3 “content editors”. Presumably this mean only 3 people can use the CMS? And therefore Webflow isn’t going to work for me.