Library with gated content but also have “product” pages visible for anyone

Hi all,

I have a business idea and was wondering if it’s possible with Webflow. I’d want to have:

  1. Home page with CTA buttons to a library with digital products
  2. Each digital product would have a product page with a CTA to ‘become a premium member’
  3. Have premium members have access to the actual digital products (all of them with a single membership)

Technically it’s comparable to Relume ( but instead of Webflow components, I’m selling a different kind of digital product.

Would this be possible with Webflow and if so, how in terms of structure?

Technically, yes you can do this with Webflow Memberships.
The easiest way to achieve this with some level of security is;

  • Setup Membeships, with a “paid” access group
  • Setup ECommerce for your payment approaches monthly one-time etc
  • Product pages are gated so that only “paid” members can access them
  • All of the marketing details would need to be outside of those product pages, e.g. on your homepage and product directory page.

I just noticed the title has different details than your message- if you really want product pages visible for everyone, this is harder to do on Webflow, you need a bit of custom code work to lock down parts of the page while keeping it accessible overall.

Thank you so much for your reply, I should have elaborated on the public product pages more. An alternative would be to create public marketing pages where the products are being shown and explained enough to make visitors convert to a paid membership I guess? It’s not absolutely necessary to have separate product pages, I just thought it would make the membership easier to sell.

Would I still need to make it an e-commerce website if the products in the library are gated?

You’ll have some issues using Webflow Memberships with this due to your structure.

With digital products, Webflow Memberships is a good option when you are selling just 1 digital product for download, versus access to many / all digital products on a page.

Memberships attaches to ecommerce for payments.

Ecommerce can either do one-time payments (physical goods or digital downloads), or subscriptions.

With the latter (subscriptions) you’d be good to go for your setup, but it sounds like you want a one-payment for access to all digital products, yes?

If so you’ll need to come up with a hack to make that work in Webflow Memberships. Totally doable, but it’ll take effort and not be too solid.

You’ll also start bumping into unexpected issues like these:

No you don’t still need to use ecommerce.

You can use the free Webflow Membership accounts and bolt on Stripe yourself. The flow would be to setup a Stripe Webhook that triggers a Membership invite on successful payment. You’ll need to also remove the ability for people to register (self-serve).


A better approach, based upon what you’ve said, is to use Memberstack. It’s much more flexible and will give you what you’ve asked for on all 3 of your points.

Thank you very much for the great explanation and options you provided! I read about Memberstack before but didn’t really look into it yet. It sounds like it suits my needs and I will definitely try to make it work for my website idea. Thanks again, much appreciated!