Gated content limitations

I’m currently exploring User Accounts, particularly for the context of short courses online. One potential use case I would like to explore involves offering different plans to users, with some opting for a free plan that grants them access to a maximum of two courses per week.

Limited gated content
Does anyone know how to make that possible? does webflow have any solution for this?
Where else should I look or what to search for?

Thanks in advance!

Webflow Memberships supports gating content, but not a “drip-feed”.

You’d need to add some custom code and tracking for that, which is possible but a bit of a mission - and it can be hacked if someone is determined to.

You might check and see if Memberstack or Wized have good drip-feed solution approaches, but they add a monthly cost.

I’m curious though, what is the model you’re trying to build? Is it Audible style where they get 2 credits a month, and then when they “purchase” those courses they get long-term access as long as they have an active memberhship?

Or is a moving-window where they get two courses at a time only, and then lose access to them at the end of the month?

You can do that with Webflow Memberships. The bummer is that you can’t expect any new features in the near-term if you run into limitations.

Another approach is using Memberstack. I’ve built a course site with them in the past and they offer lots of flexibility.

Checkout the demo site: (enter a fake email).

Here’s the screencast walking through how I’ve built it: Simple course site with only Webflow & MemberStacks frontend API

It doesn’t have the feature you’ve described but it would be straight forward to add it.

Michael Wells! Thank you !
It regards live sessions, so the user will be applying for live sessions. As a member with free plan they can only attend 2 of those sessions per week. The course ends immediately after the session is completed, no one has access after that.

Thank you for your reply!
I will have a look at you video shortly, but that is done in memberstack correct?
what if i want to do this with Webflow memberships, you’re telling me I can?