Feedback: prebuilt layouts

Feedback on this announcement? Comment below in this thread :+1:


That’s really interesting, especially for beginners. But one thing that would make this really awesome is allow us to create our own layouts account wide. I know we can copy from another web site, but this templating system is so much better and intuitive, I hope we can build our own layouts soon!

Great work as aways Webflow team, cheers!


The prebuilt gallery is very useful - usually it is created more or less like that, so less clicks - always better! Same for contact form. A pity though everything relies on grid - I personally try to avoid it where possible, unless it makes sense to use.


I agree @gilson but we can use symbols for this

@PiterDimitrov unfortunately we cannot nest symbols inside other symbols :slightly_frowning_face: :

This is a great idea! This would be ideal for transforming a design system into easily accessible components if you could add your own layouts. Really hope this is coming next :crossed_fingers:

I agree! I wish it were more customizable myself. And wouldn’t it be even more glorious if we could create these kinds of prestyled drag-and-drop components that could then be available in the editor for our clients to add to their layouts? Whoa. That would be a game-changer for clients to have more control over not just being able to change text, but also change layout!


I’ve had a little look at all the PBLs (is that what the cool kids call the Prebuilt Layouts?) and tested with a couple of automated accessibility tools.

I like what I see, and here’s a link to my thoughts:


Symbols are only effective in the existing site you created the symbol… or, having to do a cross-site copy-paste.

If we were able to build our own pre-built sections, then they can be used on ANY new site created, without having to first copy-paste across another site.

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Hi @Bradpaulp, this is a feature that our team is aware of, here is the wishlist, I would love your upvote and comment:

HAS to have the ability of creating layouts - otherwise this is not much different to copy and pasting (it’s better but not much different). This needs to be account wide as mentioned above as well … PLEASE implement this ASAP … then my hope in Webflow will be restored.

I am confused why you used the container on all of these PBLs. I thought Webflow was straying away from that older widget and getting new breakpoints soon for larger displays. Just seems counter-intuitive to release something that should use normal divs for better scaling. Even your lead designers like Ryan say they only use Divs and never use sections or containers…yet here is a new feature using the old way of building.

Not sure why you’d ever need or want to nest a symbol. What is the use case for that?

As for feedback to layouts- anything that helps speed up common design elements is a good thing.

One of the layout elements is a bit strange though, as soon as selecting the default placeholder text to begin writing, the paragraph will go full-width, shrinking the image way down. It doesn’t seem to scale back up, even if deleting some of the text .

How was this whole feature more important than any of the top voted and commented requests in the wishlist?

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An use case for nesting symbols:

One of the web sites I made some time ago had an animated logo, made entirely using CSS + Webflow Interactions. The animation plays in when hovered, so I create an interaction that targets the class name. So I created a symbol and every time the logo is used, just place the symbol and all works fine. But them I want to create a navbar that is used on every page, so make sense using a symbol as well.

And there’s the problem: I cannot put the logo symbol inside the navbar symbol. I had to place the logo, break the link with the master symbol, put it inside the navbar and them convert it into a symbol. But if I needed to change the logo, I have to delete it and create another instance, because I can’t just edit the logo symbol.

Kinda long text, but I hope I made it clear.

Just added an idea to have a prebuilt layout for quick style guides. (Webflow Wishlist link)