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Let the community create elements, components and widgets

You already have the template shop which is great. What about expanding this and let the community create and share elements and widgets like modals, slideshows, calendars, sliders, social buttons and others.


I am desperately waiting for something like this. We still have to wait for the ability to even save elements with interactions from our designs. Having to create some pretty complex interactions just to get a nice hover effect makes it very frustrating when I have to do it from scratch for every design I create.

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Iā€™m agree, Webflow is so amazing that we want to do more and more. I find my self every week looking around in the site for new features, tutorials, widgets. Webflow makes my creative juice flow!! Please open to the comunity.


Yes, yes and yes! I need this too. Would be awesome to just package stuff into re-usable components which I (AND others) could use in their projects. :smile:

Pleaase! :smile:

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A lightbox widget that you can customize would be great!

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