Some suggestions

Webflow is really going in the right direction. Here´s a few ideas from the cold Norway:

User Components
It would be nice to make elements into a component that can be used across the site. Even if the css changes across your elements the content still have to be changed on each page. like a menu or footer.

As for us who make websites for clients it would be nice to have a easy solution for small/midrange customers. One idea can be to have a custom client login which contains the site, and where only the content can be edited. It could also with the user component mentioned earlier be possible for customer to add/remove rearrange objects on the page. This would be a huge timesaver rather than export the code and bring it in to another cms. Another benefit would be when f. ex. upgrades or redesign are made and we could just press “publish” and the site changes instantly. :slight_smile:

Native wordpress export would also be nice since some customers require or have invested a lot of time/content in that platform.

Flowstore™ In addition to a good selection of standard widgets, what about an API that would allow developers add/sell widgets through a widgetstore? Of course those the widgets have to go through a quality control to ensure bug free high quality widgets. I think this would allow for more rapid additions to features and make the platform more attractive.

E-Commerce This would also be very nice. Either a own solution or a easy way integrate a existing commerse solution. I have looked in to Paystand. It looks promising but there you can not customize the look and feel of the shop as far as I can see.

Keep up the good work guys! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the awesome suggestions @perkristian! We have some really cool stuff in the works that you’ll be happy with. :beers:


Ah, these kind of teaser answers makes you want to rush time so you can play with the new stuff right away =D. There seems that it is always another thing you want. Must be hard to make a applikations like this =)

These things that @perkristian mentioned are features that I put a vote on as well.

Cheers! :beers: Looking forward to it!

Flowstore™ is an awesome idea… :))))))


@perkristian great ideas! I’m a little late to this conversation, but since our team over at PayStand is a huge fan of Webflow I just wanted to drop-in and mention your note. PayStand can absolutely customize the look and feel of the shop. There are different themes to choose from (we’ll add more over time too), and beyond that you can always make your PayStand look however you want with your own custom css. Of course themes and css hacking is not nearly as cool as Webflow’s native design system, but hey, maybe one day it’ll be more seamless experience between the two systems…


Webflow has done so many right moves so far. Pretty smart folks.

I found most impressive aspect of Webflow has been its heuristic design architecture and object oriented approach to web design.
There are endless number of features we might expect to see in Webflow. At the same time we also want Webflow to:

  • generate clean code that runs efficiently
  • maintains its design integrity and natural beauty we got in love with

Differentiating between what is considered within Webflow scope and what not, is also as important as they are piling up.

(It might not be good example but) when considering something like Mail Chimp integration, the question is how Webflow would do about ConstantContacts? How about other CRMs software etc.

Something like FlowStore idea while exciting, it is also potential source of problems like, how a using components from FlowStore would impact overall security and integrity of generated code and Webflow responsive model etc. Our Wordpress website was infected twice by spammers because of vulnerable plugin used. Are we going to expect the similar possibilities in Webflow and FlowStore?

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Thanks. I see you can do some customization with the paystand template. Yes it would be great to have a more seamless solution between the two with f. ex. paystand components so you could build the store experience more or less from scratch. Btw. the only thing preventing my agency from using Paystand is missing international payment support…

@perkristian, if you’re interested, we’re starting to beta test Symbols, which is what we call reusable components. You can see more info here: