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Learning how to replace text & image on template

I have a practice template and am trying to find out how to replace images and text. It is a CMS Collection. I know how to ad and remove the thumbnails but cannot find out how to ad the larger images they are linked to. All of the thumbnails go to the same image. I can find plenty of tutorials on how to build templates but not any on how to work with one already built. All I want is learn how to replace images and text. On the Collection photos I have added thumbnails and their descriptions but when I click onto the thumbnails they all go to the same image that the template came with and not the ones that I have prepared. In the spot where the large images goes it states “add photos and text here” but no clue on how to add either. Thanks for looking.

Here is my public share link: **[LINK][1]** to access public share link)

Are you changing things in the CMS?

This is where you edit the images, the text, everything…

Hi Jonathan, Thanks for reply. Yes, I am changing photos/text in CMS and have figured out how to change the thumbnails and text. I am having trouble finding the right way to add the enlarged images so that each thumbnail will go to the correct perspective enlarged photo. I’ve added an enlarged yellowlegs image in the box below the thumbnail image which comes up OK. The problem is that when I add enlarged images the same way with the other 8 items they all come up with the same photo (yellowlegs item). I’m not doing something right so that the enlargements correspond. If you have any ideas I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks again!

Did you get this working right?

Apologies if this is improper to add here. But I am trying to figure out why replace image inside CMS won’t allow Assets as an option. Am I missing something? Do I really have to upload a duplicate image every time I want to replace?

Hi, Sorry for long delay. I learned how to change the images on the previous template and subsequently got a different template and can change images by going to CMS >collections>works and changing images there. I found how to change 1st image but cannot find out how to change the 5 images below. Tutorials said to get images from assets or from ‘gear’ at top of image but neither option is available. I’m not sure if they mean drag the image over from assets?

Jonathan, After making my last entry I finally figured out how to replace the images in works collection. On the 5 below the first photo you run the cursor up and down the left bottom side which will make a (+) come up. Click onto the (+) and the icon for downloading an image will come up. That works for all 5 images. Thanks for your previous help. JD

Added notation: On replacing images on template in works: In order for the (+) to come up you have to run the cursor over left margin of image and then press “return”.

At long last, I think we are almost ready to publish. We figured out how to connect the links and keeping fingers crossed everything looks good. Thanks for the help and offers to help we’ve received.