Please, some help with 'Tile' template functionality

Thanks for sending this. I have a couple of very basic questions after purchasing the ‘Tile’ template and hosting with Webflow.

Can I replace all photos in the template live on-page using the cms editor? I can’t find the relative pages or images in the cms dashboard in the collections or dynamic lists to replace as it shows in the tutorial video ‘using the cms editor’. In particular replacing the images on the home page in the lower tiles. Because they have combo classes replacing them directly effects the others, and regardless it doesn’t seem the right way and I don’t want to mess with the classes. I have also tried updating some ‘post’ images but this doesn’t effect them.

Lastly on the home page when trying to change the text fields ‘on-page’ in the tile links I am only able to change ‘about us’ and ‘contact’. The pencil icon doesn’t appear when I roll over ‘latest projects’ and ‘latest posts’. I can change them in the desighner of course but also confused as to why I can’t change them directly there.

Thanks, I posted earlier to the forum but have had no reply. Help!

Yes you can.

Here is where you change where the image is taken from:

and this is where the image is uploaded to the blog post:

I can’t see any error there, can you share your read only link please so we can help you better?


Thanks so much aaronocampo, what a great help! Have been using webflow for a little while now but have never used these features.

As for the last bit here is the read-only link:


Hi aaronocampo,

If I can replace all photos in the template live on-page using the cms editor how do I do that to these images in particular?

I am not finding any dialogue to allow me. Also I am not finding editing capability to change the text ‘Latest Projects’ and ‘Latest Posts’ on page.


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