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Styling text and images within a CMS entry

In the CMS template page I have tried to click on an image that’s within an entry to style it like add a border or shadow. But images aren’t editable.

I’m having a similar problem with the text. It won’t change size when I updated it in the right-hand panel. It only seems possible to do these things by hard-coding the CSS and adding this into the head in the settings for the project. Feels like a rubbish way of having to do it.

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Images within rich text elements can be styled. You cannot select them in a RT element that’s connected to a collection field. Instead,

  1. temporarily add another RT element
  2. give this as well as the collection-connected field the same class
  3. add an image to temporary field
  4. Click outside the RT field, then select the image, and then from the Navigator panel select the surrounding Figure element
  5. select “All Figures” from the class name field
  6. click jus below to apply to figures nested with RT field with your class
  7. Apply styles and then remove temporary RT element.

Check our the following link and see the section Advanced Styling. To apply this to Rich Text fields that are connected to a Collection field, you have to do this to a temporary RT element with the same class name.