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Template has all photos connected need to separate

New to WF and not very computer literate. Have new template with all photos connected so that if you change one you change them all with same photo. Want to ‘disconnect’ the link so that I can post different images. Deleted top 3 and inserted 3 before found I could use the image field to insert a photo quicker and more easily however, if I change one that way I change them all with the same photo and text. Any tips appreciated. 3/12/20

Update from tonight - When I moved cursor over photos I found I had 3 columns which are “Photo Link Blocks” I watched the tutorial but no info on removing blocks. The original set up allowed different photos so I’m sure I just haven’t found the path yet. The top 3 photos are not in the block because I deleted the originals and drug photo replacements and then re spaced/alined everything. I also noticed in my assets I have a thumbnail and a regular image of each which is probably why they are called ‘link blocks’?

Hi and welcome :webflow_heart:
Your read only link is leading to 404 page :frowning:

Hello, my apologies. I just began trying to learn about the template and wound up having to delete the whole thing and starting over (which caused the 404). I realized I was trying to rebuild the template when in actuality all I want to do is learn how to replace photos and text and leave it the same otherwise. I presently learned how to replace the thumbnail photos and am trying to figure out how to replace the larger photos of the thumbnails.

Thanks for reply! JD

Thanks for reply! I have figured out how to add photos and text but 6 out of 9 go nowhere. I’m guessing I have to make additional pages? If so, I probably need a different template?