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Lawn Care Website

Just threw together this lawn care site for a family member in about an hour or so (not including time for designing the logo, of course). Fairly simple and straightforward, but it was fun to do.

Does anyone have any feedback or tips?

Woodward Lawns


Looks really good! I like the background :slight_smile:
But i really like an navigation even if the website is really small.

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Hi @jordanshotwell, I think it looks great – nice and simple, I am sure they will be happy :slight_smile:

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Clean and nice work, @jordanshotwell :+1:

One moment that I would fix: center “get your quote” button + phone number

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Thanks @sabanna. I was playing with that, trying to get it to look just right. The problem was that they’re different widths. I put the phone number on a new line and it looks much better now!


I agree, it looks allot better like this! Clean job @jordanshotwell :+1:

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Wow! It looks great. Loving the design! The colors, the spacing, the font sizes—really top-notch. :+1:

Edit: Quick note about screen sizes—users on a MacBook Air 11" and similar devices will see some overlap on the scroll indicator and the primary logo. (See screenshot below) I would suggest decreasing the overall size of the logo a bit to prevent this from happening. In fact, making the logo perhaps 20-30% smaller also balances with the background very, very nicely. Still completely legible/immersive, but not as dominating and overwhelming.

Thanks for the heads up @McGuire!

Really good Looks for your lawn care website….