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New Personal Site

Just wanted to share my new personal site, feedback is welcome.


Well, it’s sure a personal site. :wink: Although it’s simple it still draws me in with the writing style which makes the site more interesting. I like it.

Although one thing that personally I did feel, as if the writing was too much because there really wasn’t anything else except text. But that’s just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face: Good job! :grinning:

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beautiful! simple.

Great job :+1:

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Appreciate the feedback. Yes it’s primary goal is for writing and I feel it will evolve over time in regards to design, but the simplicity will remain. I’m not a huge fan of littering sites with icons and imagery as it pulls away from the main content. I’m also trying to achieve a fine balance between accessibility and readability, so the use of images (if any) will be reserved for new posts and probably not much else.

Try checking back after 6pm when the lights off mode activates.

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You had me at:

I believe design is made with words, not just pixels and code.


I dig it, very clean and simple. Just a few suggestions on my end, but take these with a grain of salt…

The footer crowds the content section in my opinion, so I would suggest increasing the space between the two to give some breathing room. The header on the homepage feels so open, yet the bottom of the page looks rather cluttered.

Also, I was pretty confused that the “Design” link takes me to a Behance instead of a page on your site. It’s nice that it opens in a new tab without completely taking me away from your site, but a good rule of thumb is to have the main navigation link only to places within your own space instead of linking outside of it.

A fix would be to include some of your work under the “Design” link on your site with a link on that page to view more on Behance, or just drop it and include a Behance link within the right side navigation - all of which link to other spaces other than your own website.

Just my .02, either way the site looks great.

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All very good points. I added some margin to the footer to open up the bottom of the page, and I adjusted my footer links as well. Thanks for the feedback.


I really like the minimal style that brings the focus to the content. Nice typeface too, you’ve used it well. Personally, I’d suggest putting some examples of your work on there.

I feel a little unsure about the navigation being at the bottom of the website. Though it’s useful in that it gets you to scroll down the page to navigate and I think the site is small enough that it doesn’t necessarily warrant having a navigation at the top.