'Classic' style beauty salon website

Morning all!

I’ve just put a site live built from the ground up in Webflow for a beauty salon www.gingerlilysalon.co.uk

I absolutely love Webflow - I started testing it out using the free templates to build sites around and this is one of 3 complete builds I’ve produced starting on a blank canvas.

A problem I encountered during the build was the positioning of the drop down menus on mobile dropping behind the page title div. Sounds obvious, but if anyone else encounters this be sure to check the z index of all the parent elements!

I also considered a carousel for the hero image but opted in the end for a static image. The carousels are looking dated on a lot of sites now, what does everyone else think?

Any other critique is welcome and if anyone has any questions about the site feel free to give me a shout :slight_smile:



Nicely done. I suggest using optimizing your images though, they are taking quite a while to load on fiber.

Clean, classy and really nice! Well done :smile:

Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look at optimising the images if they aren’t loading particularly fast. I’m keen to keep the quality but site speed is more important.


Site looks really nice, any reason why you didn’t add a contact form?

Regarding your background image its huuuge! 1.1MB, use TinyPNG.com and it will cut it down by 74%


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That’s nice and simple and definitely achieved the clean classic look :smiley: . Could you put a load interaction between pages, so as the page loads it fades in? Nothing OTT, just barely noticeable, but noticeable.

Tiny PNG is amazing, you cannot tell the difference between images either. There’s another one I use on the Mac, can’t remember name as I’m on PC now, but that’s instantly reduced and replaces them back in your folder too.

I’ve just used Tiny PNG on the main image and it shaved 74% off the file size and still looks the same quality! Cheers for the tip guys. Think I’ll whiz all my other images through it.

Tested a very very slight transition on the pages too.