Labeling Backups

Hey Webflow Team

I love the backup feature, it’s so powerful. It would awesome to label backups within the cycles of development though. and to also clone them on the spot. You could go one step further and build your own source control

Actually, you label the backup today. Just hit Cmd-Shift-S on a mac or Ctrl+Shift+S on a PC. :smile:
Adding cloning is a good idea. Then it would be easy to test out different design directions.

You can also duplicate your site to create different design directions.

Ctrl+Shift+S will just create a backup of the current webflow editor’s state. I’m well aware that can you also duplicate your site.

My point is that I want to group this all in the same project instead of duplicating the WHOLE site and effectively have 2 different projects. I want to be able to click on backup and rename it to something meaningful to my projects.

In software development it is common practice to branch the solution, I’d just like a bit of that process to rub off onto the webflow workflow :smile: