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Local backup copy of a web site

What would be the best way to backup a Webflow website on a local drive, on a schedule?

@brryant or @callmevlad would be able to chime in here. With the amount of redundancy on the servers they use, I don’t think this is necessary. There isn’t an automatic way to set this up yet either, you’d have to manually go in and download your site (via export) and put it on a local drive, but there’s no way of uploading it back to Webflow if, God forbid, anything ever happened to Webflow.

There are back-ups to your site made every time you access it in the Webflow admin side (in case you need to revert to an old version of the site), which I’ve used multiple times, it works beautifully! :slight_smile: I think the way Webflow has everything setup, there’s not really a need for local back-ups any longer. :slight_smile:

@Waldo_Broodryk Has got it right the best thing to do is to export your site and label it with the project name and date. This is especially useful if you integrate the Webflow export with a CMS.

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I’d love to have a way to backup Webflow sites that are hosted on Webflow. Or at least more onfo/transparency from Webflow on a restoration plan. Currently, I export the finished site just in case I would need to put on another server.

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Hi @jdesign, we have a backups feature that you can use to restore a previous version of your site. Is this what you’re referring to?

I wish there was a built-in way to automate this.

@thewonglv Nope. The Backup feature you have is great but what I’m really talking about is what if something happens to Webflow’s hosting. I’m hosting several clients on Webflow because it’s reasonable, fast and easily updated. However, two concerns I’ve had since starting with Webflow back in January.

One, is what happens if the hosting crashes?

Two, and more importantly is having only one login to view all client sites. I’m a one-person business so having one password for all sites isn’t a deal breaker but if I had even one person working for me I probably wouldn’t be using Webflow. With most systems you have one login and password for each site (i.e. Wordpress) in addition to that you have administrators and users. Currently if someone gained access or hacked a Webflow account they could delete every active site in that account. The way I understand it is that Webflow couldn’t restore a site if that happened.

Using multiple accounts is one solution I suppose but ideally, I’d like to see something like a login for the account that a team could use but then it would need a master password to handle any account changes…then a password per site and a master password per site (I don’t mean to view the site but to view the editor and manage the site).


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