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Knockout text aka text-masking not working on mobile

howdy webflowers!
anybody know why this text-masking aka text-clipping aka knockout-effect is not working on mobile (chrome & safari) ?!

on desktop its working fine.

i remeber i had the same issue in the past and than i had to add some additional piece to the custom code so that it will be supported on mobile but not sure anymore…


Here is my site Read-Only:

after a lot of reearch i could find the problem.
its that i set the text-box to display:flex and for some reason this let the clipped text dissapear on mobile…

so i set the display settings to block and it worked on mobile; my gradient text is now there.

maybe somebody else is struggling with these and these could be helpful for him.



It did help someone!

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Thank you.
Had the same problem now it works !!
Thank you

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You’re a life saver. Thank you!!