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Content that appears in webflow won't appear on mobile

Hi there,

This is the read-only link to my site: Webflow - Checkmate

In the webflow preview you can see that on the home page, the text header “Spend Less at Checkout” is visible. However, if you load the site on mobile ( or the text content does not appear and that section remains blank.

The rest of the page seems to load fine and even other pages with similar formatting (the how it works- for instance) seem to load fine on mobile.

Any ideas what’s going on here?

I’ve still not been able to work this out unfortunately. Is anyone skilled in webflow kindly able to have a look please?

It looks like something wrong with how you make the gradient text.

You may follow this:

Solved it. Thank you, it was related to the padding, I was dragging it out of frame on mobile.

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