Card flip is not working on mobile (with weird solution)

hello hello.
on desktop this card flip interaction is working well - on hover.
on mobile not - even though i implemented a special “on click” interaction.
other settings and styles are all the same i think…

do you see something i cannot see? ^^

(effect is set on the rounded div at the bottom)

Here is my public share link:

i solved it in a VERY WEIRD way.
i dont know even why it worked but it did so i will post it here for anybody else facing this issue.

i tried everything and nothing worked. my interaction setup was perfect. it worked perfectly for desktop. only on mobile the whole card was simply disappearing when clicked…

the weird solution:
i set the z-index on my card-parent on 10 so it is above everything else in in my layout and tadaa! now its working on mobile and not disappearing anymore. not understanding why, but its okay. ^^

if anybody know can demystify this it would be great.

thx and cheers.
have a good webflowing.