[resolved] How to transfer a site to an Organisation (Team plan)

Hi Guys

For the life of me I cannot figure this out. I have setup an organisation plan so that I can have multiple people working on the one project. As all my sites are under my original account, I can’t figure out how to transfer some of them under my organisation?

Anyone know how to do this?





Genius! Thanks Vincent, I just did not see the ‘to an organisation button’!!

It may or may not have taken me a moment to find it back :wink:

Good morning, I need to create a site for a client and I currently have a Personal account. Can I create the site and later, when my client opens a Personal or a Pro account install this site to his account?

Hi @vicstat

You, yourself, will need to be subscribed to the Professional plan to gain access to the site transfer feature.

Your client, however, will need at least a Micro plan subscription.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Ok I see thanks. I will see then, maybe I can create the site and then transfer the css/html files to my client.

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