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Jotform - Zapier - CMS Images won't zap to collection

I’m attempting to use a Jotform submission to populate a Webflow collection using Zapier.

After testing a few times I found the text inputs to be properly implemented in the Webflow CMS, however, the images do not appear to make it.

Anyone have issues like this before? Could this be because jotform sends the image as a http link and not a png/jpg?


I’m having nearly the same problem, trying to zap images from Google Drive over to Webflow collection items. It creates the item, but the image is not there (despite being a required field). Is it not possible for Zapier to upload images?

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Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I was sure this would get a response from someone at this point because it’s a pretty common thing users would want to do. Maybe @PixelGeek will make an awesome video on this!


I"ve got the same thing… trying to make jot form image/file upload go into the CMS, and it’s not working… kind of frustrating.

Got same thing here. Looking for a following up

Anyone solve this, or can any Webflow Experts weigh-in? This seems important to know, especially if it’s just not possible.

I’m doing the same scenario, but with Jotform < Integromat < Webflow CMS. I created a form in Jotform that includes file uploads. In Integromat I mapped the form fields to the proper Webflow CMS fields. I was able to create a new CMS item, but the images don’t import, only text fields. In Integromat, it gives me an error warning that “Array of objects expected in parameter” — which was for the multi-image field that I was trying to import images into. FYI: the images were all jpegs under 4MB, and they were URL’s with commas in between.

If I can’t fix this, my only thought as a ridiculous workaround is that I have Integromat or Jotform save my form submission as a .csv, and then have that import into my Webflow project where I manually (or can I have Integromat do this?) import the .csv.

In the past, without using Jotform < Integromat, I’ve successfully imported from a test .csv into multi-image fields this way (ie. just from the .csv import within Webflow).


Followup: I was able to use an Airtable form < Integromat to both a) create a new CMS item, and b) upload multiple images to a single “multi-image” field in my Webflow CMS!

Jotform was complicating things, though I’m still considering Jotform because its form design is way more sophisticated and elegant than Airtable’s. If I can’t figure this out directly from Jotform < Integromat < Webflow CMS I may instead try to have my Jotform results go to Airtable, then Integromat, then Webflow CMS…

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