Job board export or tech stack?


I’m looking for a bit of advice.

I’m currently building a job board in webflow specifically for the construction industry. The thing is I want to add things like user registration, user dashboards, pier to pier messaging system, etc. ( I would also like to add some kind of social media aspect at some point ) Going into this I knew it wouldn’t be easy to achieve this kind of website in webflow alone but my plan was to intergrate things like memberstack, jetboost, airtable, etc. But now I’m having second thoughts and wondering if it would be better to just prototype the site in webflow and export the code.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Keenan!

In general, I think you’re better off building with a few no-code tools rather than exporting code from Webflow. Until you get to a point where you’re creating very custom features, using Webflow + Airtable + Memberstack (or whatever your preferred stack) will likely save you tons of time.

This is especially true with something like a job board which fits very nicely into the capabilities of existing no-code tools.

I wrote a blog post about where to start when building a no-code job board: Building a No-Code Job Board? Start Here.. Lmk if you ever want to chat more about how to get started!

Use Memberstack :slight_smile:

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