How to reduce JavaScript on Webflow?

Hi there!
Unfortunately I’m a complete noob concerning programming.

After various PageSpeed tests I know that I have to reduce unused Java Script. But I don’t know how? There’s a button on Webflow that doesn’t say “Minify JS”, it’s ON. But how do I further reduce unused JavaScript?

If this question is just impossible to answer is a simple Blog post, please tell me honestly :smiley: But maybe there is a custom code snippet that at least helps to get Java Script loaded “later” and thus improves page speed.

The desktop version of my website gets about 93-98 points on PageSpeed Insights. But following the mobile first principle, I don’t really care too much about the desktop version, I need good results for the mobile version as well. And that is very bad with about 50 - max. 65 points on PageSpeed Insights.

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Hi! Thank you for your reply!
Unfortunately this did not work since I simply didn’t find a possibility to change the HTML code of the template.
BUT there was a HTML embed for the comment section and disqus was the reason why everything was so extremely slow after all. So I could change the HTML embed of the comment section to “load JavaScript on interaction”.

Luckily, the PageSpeed Test for the mobile version changed from 52 points to 81 after that.

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Hy Angelika,

Can you tell me how to fix speed problem on mobile version?

Trying to get rid of extra java on my new site. I have no idea how to get rid of it and it continues to give my site a bad score on load speed tests.