How to reduce Javascript to improve speed?

Hello! I am trying to improve my site speed. My webpage audit using both Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights showed abysmal performance.

The biggest issues seem to be related to Javascript, including unused JS, execution time, and minimizing main-thread work. However, I am a novice and have absolutely no familiarity with JS or custom code. How do I address these issues and improve my site speed?

So far I have already tried:

  • Minifying HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Cleaning up unused classes
    However, these tweaks somehow made my performance score slightly worse.

How do I deleted unused code, or what else do I need to know to address these problems? Thanks in advance!

Page in question: Fast Track Fellowship

Read-only link: Webflow - Degree Forward

Start with serving the fonts from Webflow and not Google.

Remove all unnecessary scripts you have added. If they are not absolutely necessary get rid of them.

Why have a slide-in form when there is already one on the page? Creates more bloat.

Consider ditching reCAPTCHA; it adds a ton of extra code.

Hire a ex Detroiter (ME) to optimized your site/landing page.

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