I've reached the CMS items limit

Hi guys,

as the subject says I’ve reached the items limit and the API says “Conflict: You’ve created all the items allowed on your current plan. Add CMS Hosting to create more.”.

How am I supposed to raise the limit?


You need to upgrade your plan

I have the biggest, then there’s only the enterprise one that says contact sales team (which I already did multiple times without an answer)

What are you storing? IIRC the CMS limit on business tier is 10,000 items, but the CMS isn’t particular on what those items are, so some things like detail data could be stored externally or more efficiently in JSON chunks perhaps.

Weird that it says “upgrade to CMS hosting”, it sounds like thinks you’re on the free or basic site plan.

Are you sure you’re not confused between workspace plans and site plans?

I’m on a Business Plan, it says it’s active xD Yeah I could store outside but it’s very handy to keep everything in the CMS.

I would skip CMS collections and directly connect to Airtable or MySQL.

The example how I did it for the test project can be seen at my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eXX4-G3sqU&t=1s