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I've just switched my site from Wix to Webfow. What to do now?

I just switched my website over to Webflow after months of work. The website was originally built through Wix.
I’m wondering what I should do now to make sure my SEO is strong and unaffected (or perhaps even improved) by this move.
Should I recrawl my website? Submit a new sitemap? Other suggestions?

I’m sure I’m not the first nor last person who will be migrating their website to Wefblow or other site builders of that sort, and so I’m sure many people will appreciate any tips :slight_smile:

  • To clarify, I’m not asking for an SEO guide, but rather for tips that are important for SEO when migrating websites (to webflow in this case)

Congratulations on your newfound design freedom!

First, I would recommend that if you have a different site structure (URL’s changed, content structure changed) that you implement 301 redirects on all important indexed pages. That is a subject that is longer than I have time to write up.

Once your redirects are in you can move forward with a site map. Enable it and if you need to customize if for some reason, you can do so.

Remember on any external links you control, that you update the URL’s as needed if changed. You can request webmasters make link changes on externals sites you don’t control.

This is a simple quick list and not intended to cover everything completely.

Here are some related resources for you to review if you would like:

If you have a site, you should turn off SE indexing on that site, to avoid duplicate content. Also if you have pages that you don’t want to be indexed on the new site (low value / not important pages), you can block them from being indexed.

Set up a Google webmaster tools account for your domain, if you don’t have one, and monitor it for issues.

That is a good starter plan.