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Site migration clarification

Hey, so I am moving an existing domain from Squarespace to Webflow.

The site has been completely redesigned in Webflow and the URL structure is different. When I change the DNS settings to point to the Webflow site, do I have to only set up the 301 redirects in the Webflow panel?

i.e. /location/wellington -> /wellington

Also, are there any best practices to follow/ problems that could arise? This site depends on organic, so I need to make sure I get this right…

Here is my current strategy:

  • map all the existing URLs of the old site and create a corresponding url on the new site
  • add all of the redirects in the hosting tab of the project settings
  • change the dns records

Anything I am missing?

  • i.e. what will happen if I have different Meta Title’s / Descriptions etc…

I wouldn’t dare say you haven’t missed anything!

With regard to different meta, you need to get bing and google search consoles to re-crawl your site. Also submit the new sitemap and check you block robots for any admin pages etc.

I am doing the same for WP site later in the week. I did my own site a month ago and it was simple as this.