Iubenda: Blocking cookies before consent is given

Hej guys,

i am using Iubenda for my cookie consent solution and it displays fine.

However, the German laws insists that cookies are blocked before the consent is given. Iubenda has a solution for it https://www.iubenda.com/en/help/1235-google-tag-manager-blocking-cookies#installIUB but i am not able to make it work on my page.

Has anyone done the process before and would be able to help me?`

Thx in advance!

All the best,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Can you be more specific? What did you try, how far did you get, what is not working?

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Hej Jeff,

Thanks for your answer. I solved the problem in the meantime.

The problem was that I had two Google Universal Analytics Tracking IDs on my page. One in the project settings and one in the Google Tag Manager. So Iubenda stopped the Tag Manager one from working, but the Webflow Project setting one was still working. So I thought the whole Iubenda cookie client would not work.

THX for your help!