GDPR - Disabling cookies?

Hi there,

I’m super surprised that the GDPR questions in this forum remain unsolved.

How do I manage cookie enabling and disabling per user request?

As per GDPR, the user needs to give EXPLICIT consent for cookies to be activated and disabled. So there needs to be a “decline” and “accept” button, not just a “here cookie info” banner.

I’m trying to use the suggested tool ( but I can’t implement the last step:

Anyone, please?


There are a couple of alternatives listed below that might meet your needs.

Thanks @webdev!

I’ve been testing all tools for a couple of days now. Not only those, but also others (8 total). All of them, unfortunately, require disabling cookies which I can’t really do on Webflow.

I’m going to try to do it with Google Tag Manager but it seems super complicated and it still needs one of those tools too… So complicated :frowning:

@saravssantiago - Webflow has a toggle to delay Facebook pixel loading for cookie consent.

Look at this option. I don’t have a site setup to do this, but you could for a test. Then looking at the source code on a published site would lead you towards some answers.

Project Settings>Integrations

That would unfortunately only work for 1 out of 40+ cookies that are showing up, and I’m not even using Facebook Pixel :slight_smile:

There needs to be a solution from Webflow, because this is too big to just ignore. And no tool can handle all the cases…

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On a different note, I’ve been researching the topic quite a bit. See my conclusions here:

I have there a summary of:

  • Privacy and cookies requirements in the EU
  • Privacy and cookies requirements in the US

I have also tried and compared 8 tools:

  • Iubenda
  • Cookie Pro
  • Insite’s Cookie Consent
  • Consent Assist
  • Cookie Script
  • CookieBot
  • Easy Cookie
  • Free Privacy Policy

Pretty much all of the tools are just a half way compliance implementation so I thought it was worth sharing my findings.

I’m personally going with Iubenda because:

  • It’s the cheapest of the paid solutions which are the most complete ones. It’s just $27 per year
  • With a team of lawyers, they keep the policies accurate, customized, and up-to-date
  • Iubenda generates a privacy and cookie policy that you can link to or embed on your site (and that they keep updated!)
  • The banner is fully customizable with HTML and CSS
  • The banner has explicit consent (an “accept” button that you can add)
  • The code is short, it fits on Webflow’s Custom Code field
  • It also works on Podia (which I use for course creation and publishing)
  • It blocks almost every code, I went on my Custom Code and added the class Iubenda asks for to block the ones I have added myself. For the rest, only essential cookies are fired without consent (which is ok with the privacy and GDPR requirements)

Anyway, I hope this helps someone else wondering how to best go about it too!

PS: If you are reading this and have any other options, or comments, please comment it here or in the document!


@saravssantiago - I also use Iubenda for many client projects (mostly US based). I strongly recommend it. I should have mentioned it to you, but glad you found it.

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What do you guys think of cookiehub? I’ve been using it a lot.

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@ColibriMedia - Thanks for sharing! I’ve tested it as I did with the others and it seems very similar in features to CookieScript, CookieBot and Easy Cookie. Only this one looks much better out-of-the-box :slight_smile:

I used Iubenda too, totally recommend

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Hi Everyone!

I’m the founder of iubenda and also head of product. Thanks to all who decided to trust our product, your appreciation makes us proud.

@saravssantiago your comparison is very insightful, thank you! A few pointers:

  • Explicit consent button: making it easier to add an explicit consent button is the very next item on our roadmap, it’s already in advanced development and should be released within a few weeks
  • Site scan: we’ve introduced this feature less than a month ago, it’s a bit of a ‘secret’ feature for now. It scans websites for which the name is a valid URL whenever their privacy policy is edited on our dashboard, sending an alert email if we find any trackers that are present on the site but not mentioned in the privacy policy. We waited a long time to develop this feature because other services that provide a scanning feature often return unreliable results, while we took this extra time to build something that is extremely solid and reliable
  • Cookie settings: already present for websites enabling the Transparency and Consent Framework by iab (so, only interesting for publishers), but expanding this feature to all types of cookies is very high on our roadmap

Let me know if there are any features that this community could benefit from. Does anyone know how to get an article linked on ? We could write a guide that’s webflow-specific.



A Webflow-specific guide would be awesome!
I really like Iubenda and already use the data and cookie-policies on a few websites. Best solution in my opinion.

But i still got some big question marks regarding the proper use of blocking scripts and cookies before the user gives its consent.

Looking forward to your guide Andrea.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Andrea,

Webflow is missing on list of hosting/platform services. Could you please add?

@diegokolsky Seeking to it, we’ll notify you here when it’s done. Thanks!

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:white_check_mark: We’ve added Webflow to our list of services, check it out!


@andrea.giannangelo woohoo!

Hi Andrea, awesome tool that you created. I already signed in and want to set up everything, but I am not quite sure how to do it correctly, so that all cookies are disabled before the user gives the consent. Is it possible to publish the guide you talked about to implement iubenda to a Webflow project? If it is not possible to post it here, or in the Webflow University, maybe on your website?


@fhoelterhoff Thank you for the kind words!

You can already find an extensive guide regarding how to properly block cookies on our website at this link:

Regarding the specific guide regarding how to implement iubenda on a webflow project, we are still working on it and I’ll post it here as soon as it is ready.

You can check the index of our documentation here:

The iubenda Team


Thanks for your reply! I am looking forward to that specific Webflow guide and I guess others, too! I hope you also include an explanation for blocking Vimeo videos, in my case when I pull them from the Webflow CMS. I know you have a example case for Vimeo in your guide, but I am not sure how to translate that to Webflow with Vimeo videos getting the address from the CMS.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m also looking for a vimeo+CMS solution at the moment :smiley:

Would be sooo great to get a webflow specific guide and a way to embedd videos GDPR compliant on a CMS page.

looking forward to this, thank you :raised_hands: