Cookies GDPR + german regulations

How do you get the regulations and laws regarding cookie consent, cookie declineand GDPR in general set up on your clients sites?

I got a shop set up und ready to run for a client and thought I will manage the whole cookie stuff later and it won’t be a problem.

so here I am now, totally confused and don’t know wich route to go?
Which service to use?
Which service to really block the cookies when customer is blocking them. what about neccesary cookies?
I am confused due to all the services and incomplete manuals I found.
cookie script?

what can you recomment for a streight forward and easy process ?

I hope some fellow webflow people can help me out with this.

Grüße aus Hamburg


Hey Simeon!

I’m working on a guide for implementing a fully custom solution for tackling:

  • User consent
  • Cookie management
  • embedded & external scripts
  • iframes like videos from yt etc

I will need a few more days, I will tag you in the post when online :slight_smile:


Cookiehub v2 is great. It takes 2 min to create the script and add it to the custom code or google tag manager. It comes with cookies declaration, consent log, language detection etc…
In terms of visual customization, I preferred the v1 though.


Yeah… I don’t know
First impressions count, first visit on their website and their own cookie banner already breaks it :sweat_smile:

Weird, what device are you using ? I do not have that display issue.
Their site might not be totally optimized for mobile yet.

[Edit]: yes ! Indeed they have their pricing page not optimized for mobile yet. But quite understandable for a solution sold to devs.

Well, it might be a efficient solution if you need it quickly. I’d rather make my own :slight_smile: