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GDPR compliant solution for cookie banners for German websites

Hi there!

Does anybody have a wokring and GDPR compliant solution (opt-in) for cookie banners for German websites?

I tried but the opt-in solutions does not work with Webflow, only the info solution.

Please help!!!

P.S. This is a big issue for european designers. I don’t know why Webflow does not offers a native solution!?


We’re based in France, we use on all our websites. It’s really easy to put in place and the cost is quite low: 39EUR / year for advanced features.



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Many thanks, Pierre-Jean! I will check that tool! :slight_smile:

Seems to be good! Can you tell me (in short) how to use it in Webflow?

Basically you just need to copy the code snippet into the page settings head code. It’s that easy.
Before that go across all the widget settings into cookiehub.
Be aware though that you’ll have to remove the Google Analytics tracking ID into the page settings to let cookiehub manage it.


Many many thanks! That was really helpful! :smiley:

I use Iubenda in case you’d like a second option. It’s €29/year or so, I do have a discount link in case you want to use that

Hmm, the akamai hosting on lubenda is tempting. I’ll A/B test both scripts for speed performance someday. A few milliseconds less is always great.

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Hello Pierre Jean! If I remove the Google Analytics ID/FB Pixel ID from the page settings, I just need to add them manually in the head section and that will be enough for cookiehub?

Hi @ginevrafwilliams,

Cookiehub will handle it for you in their script. No need to add it manually.

  • add the proper tags in Cookiehub
  • Copy paste the cookiehub script in your page settings head code
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Hi @ColibriMedia, I am so sorry for my ignorance, but how does Webflow know what my GA/FB pixel IDS are if I don’t write them anywhere?

Don’t worry your IDs will appear in the cookiehub script.

Webflow doesn’t need to know your GA/FB IDS and the concept of a cookie consent script is to trigger those only when the final user allows for cookies which is cookiehub is here for.

If you add it on Webflow, tracking will trigger regardless of user consent.

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I have removed the IDS from the page settings and now when cookiehub scans the website it detects less cookies (doesn’t detect GA anymore). Is this correct?

Sorry, I thought you were using V1. Yes V2 scans automatically any cookie present on your site.
You can disregard what I said and add it in the page settings and you are all set.

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@ColibriMedia thank you so much for your patience!! You are a real life saver! Last question and I won’t bother you anymore: Do I have to check " Pixel will load without consent" and create a Facebook pixel cookie consent as specified in the picture?

Nope, no need for that. Cookiehub is there to manage the consent.


Great thanks a million!!! You are the best!

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