GDPR - Cookiebot not working in Combination with Webflow

Hi there,

I’m a new user on the webflow forum and have to make a page gdpr ready, which has been handled by another designer beforehand.

We’re using Cookiebot for this website, usually this shouldnt be much of an issue at this stage, but it wasnt possible to add the script-tag at the start of the head tag. Instead I added it at the end of the head tag with the custom code menu from webflow.

The problem with this shows pretty fast. All Cookies being loaded after the Cookiebot declaration are being blocked, but the ones before, load normally. I.e. Google Analytics still loads up and tracks the User.

Is it possible to block all Cookies on Webflow with Cookiebot?

greetings, Filip

Nobody has a working solution? I would love to use cookiebot, as I already paid for it.

But I would also consider changing to different services, if they actually block all unnecessary cookies.

I use IUbenda as a partner. Take a look at how you can manually handle blocking. Includes a reference to Google Tag Manager for non positional scripts.

Can you add this manual blocking even in Webflow? I cant edit the way the Google Analytics script tag gets build, afaik.

You can load GA with GTM. GA with anonymous IP is not a GDPR issue in many places.

If you integrate GA in Webflow using the form they provide in project settings, then it gets loaded as the very first script, so before Cookiebot.
I solved it by pasting the GA script (that you can get from GA page) manually in the Custom Code section.
Hope this helps!