Issues with images taking up to 30 seconds to load

I’m currently having some load speed issues with images that have been added using the Webflow CMS. Some of these images are taking over 30 seconds to download. These images are small and have been optimised already. Is this a Webflow server issue? I don’t see any Webflow Status issues.

This problem is drastically effecting our business and we need this to be sorted out ASAP.

See below for screenshot:

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][Webflow - DashDigital® Studio]

@DashDigital Because your site is downloading 35mb of resources and all the images are uncompressed. I built an app for webflow that optimizes the images into webp or even better AVIF format to load faster. leave a message if you want to know more.

Thanks for the quick reply @flashsites, I’ve had a look at your Stacket service and it looks great. We may be looking at this in the future.

I understand that our site has a lot of images, but I’m more talking about the time it takes for an individual image of say 81.5kB is 37.38s - this is definitely abnormal and was not happening before today. Usually it was around 2 seconds.

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Oh cool. All I can say is, with that software you never have to compress manually or care about it. 35mb is actually downloading a youtube video (just when I take a look at your screenshot), so I am not woundering.

Hm okay.

It can also be your internet connection.

It would be great if those features were built into Webflow, but who know when that will happen.

I have a 100Mb line so 35MB download should be around 3s right?

35mb download for devices is very very heavy. actually a few mb’s can stop a few seconds on devices already.
those benefits you probrably never see in webflow, so I built the app and you can use it today to dramatically improve your website performance! look here:

If you want to diagnose loading issues use browser devtools. Note that local network issues and ISP issues are beyond cloud infrastructure control. You don’t ever get the pipe size from your location to a hosted server unless you are in the on the last segment backbone.

@webdev I’ve been using devtools to try and diagnose the issue, but it keeps evading me.

I’m not sure what you meant by the last sentence, but are you able to help me diagnose the issue? I see you are very active here and very helpful too.

Looking forward to your response

You just need need to compress images , lazy loading etc

@DashDigital - I tested a few pages and saw no issue from my connection. Assets are served from AWS Cloudfront. So, from my place in the net to AWS in Ohio (where I hit) things look spiffy. You may want to check AWS Status to see if there is an issue local to you. If nothing is noted there, then look to you ISP for issues. A speed test could possibly help you isolate.

FYI: When images are set to responsive (default in pages and from image fields in the CMS) , they are optimized.

Id like to know more! Sound very interesting for me.

Hey @juergenaltemeier . You requested the app so I just deliver: