Website not loading? HELP!

Hi, I need desperate help with an issue with a site not loading!

I’ve sent an email to Webflow’s Technical Support, and have had no response at all to a major issue.

Sent to Webflow…

I have had several calls from one of my clients who has an e-commerce website built & hosted on your platform.

They are experiencing poor download speeds and the website has not loaded at all on some occasions.

They have tested this, and at the same time searched competitor sites and they have loaded no problem!

Is this something you could improve on at your end as my client is threatening to pull the site?

And have you had any issues which could explain this on and around 13th - 15th March.

In the meantime is there anyone out there in our fantastic community, who maybe able to help? Paid of course!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Thanks Greyson_Milo,

I understand that can be an issue.

What would explain, when my client searches his competitors their site loads no problem, but when he searches for his website it doesn’t load as quick?

Plus, my client will only view this as a problem and wouldn’t expect his customers having to clear their Cache & Cookies.


Your post is missing essential info like the actual URL the client is having issues with.

Well spotted Jeff, the actual URL is:

There’s only so much you can do with Webflow regarding speed optimization, and even less when implementing e-commerce on a Webflow site. Namely, all the e-commerce JS is loaded on every site page. I don’t recommend Webflow e-commerce because it lacks too many features and cannot be highly optimized.

There is some easy, low-hanging fruit for you to grab: stop using Google fonts, download them, and upload them to the server. That’ll actually improve page speed scores. If you want someone to go down into the weeds for you, feel free to contact me for a paid gig. I have been optimizing the performance of websites for over 20 years. I can squeeze everything possible out of it; pesky limitations do exist, however.

Thanks Jeff, can you give me an idea of costs involved to get your hands dirty in the weeds and mud to improve the performance?

If you could DM me that would be great?


Basically I’d have said everything that @webdev said. The page speed both with googles page speed insights ( and gtmetrix ( is pretty bad. Just looking over the results of both of those scans can give you a lot of data on things you can fix. Mobile is the worst, desktop not so bad. Your page sizes seems a little bit high some better optimization there would help. I’ll say this though, the site loaded very fast here where I am in Arkansas. Also I tested how fast the server loads the website from say England using a tool at and it was 125ms which is certainly fast enough.

Hi @1960creative ,

You can surely fix render blocking issues and unused JS with a third party tool like, It will also implement lazy loading of images automatically which will further enhance your website Mobile speed.