CMS is suddenly extremely slow!

I am writing regarding my site, hosted and built with Webflow. The site’s CMS-driven pages take 30-40 seconds to load. This is unusual; they typically take 2-3 seconds to load. I have gotten dozens of complaints from visitors saying that articles are not loading. This is critical and I hope y’all can help ASAP.

Example of CMS page: - Mustafa må bli. UNE må ut - Skrevet av Alberte Tennøe Bekkhus, leder i Rød Ungdom og Ayat Majbel Saeid, nestleder i Rød Ungdom - Lov og rett

The issue comes on mobile and desktop.

Here is my public share link:

@luwado - There is a process called “optimize your images” before uploading them. Dropping 22MB of images on a user just for the home page is well, excessive. Avoid using PNG’s for photographs and use jpeg’s instead as they are better suited for photographs.

Thanks. I will from now on use JPEGs. I will also try Pixie (The CMS optimizer). By the way, the slow loading time issue has now disappeared and CMS items are now loading as they used to… (3-4 seconds). I am guessing that this was some internal CMS bug at Webflow.

Pages are statically generated not dynamic. Most likely you were experiencing a localized networking issue.

Check out as an image optimizer. It is very good.