Issues with Grid


I am new to the whole Grid options and have watched the tutorial videos on Webflow University. There it looked so easy to position different elements into the different grid cells. It seemed like you could just drag and drop them and use shift to position your elements manually.

When I create a grid in my project it’s not like that at all. The only way for me to get any kind of elements (text, heading etc) into a cell is by having the grid clicked and then clicking the plus symbol, so that whatever element I am choosing is automatically placed in the next empty grid cell.

However, when I have for example, a paragraph outsider of the grid and want to drag and drop it into the grid, that doesn’t work. The element will either go above and under the grid but not into the grid. I also can’t seem to place multiple elements into one grid cell. I want an icon, a heading and a paragraph in one grid cell but the grid only allows me to place one element in one cell.

What am I doing wrong?


Record your screen while you trying to place elements in your Grid | or | Share your read only link and I’ll test it for you :slight_smile:

Hi @shokoaviv

Thank you for offering your help and apologize for the delayed response. Here is my read only link:

If you go to Section 6 div, ‘Less talk, more design’ , I attempted to make a grid for an image gallery with overlapping images. As said in my original post, I can’t manually place the images in the cells. Also, when I want to span one image over multiple grid cells, this only works when I specify the column and row spans in the style panel but it does not work when I grab the bottom corner and want to drag/span the image to the cells as I want.

Could you let me know what I am doing wrong??

Thank you!