Grid & CMS Problems


So far I mainly build site without CMS or Grids but want to learn this as well. But I seem to be doing something wrong as I run into some weird issues:

  1. For Grids, I know there should be the option to make the grid child ‘manual’ so that you can place it manually into the grid cell where you want it to be instead of it being placed automatically in the next empty cell. However, this doesn’t seem to work for me. When I make my grid child (for example a heading) manual, and want to place it into another cell, it ends up being above or beneath the entire grid. I also tried to press shift to do this, but this doesn’t work either.

  2. Similar question for Grids: I saw a Webflow video where it was explained that you can have an image in a grid cell and then click the bottom corner of the image to drag it to other cells so that it spans over multiple cells. However, when I click and drag the bottom right corner, the image just gets smaller & taller but won’t span to the other cells as I am trying to do this

for both these question, please see my read only link, section ‘less talk, more design’

  1. Right under my test grid on this link, I also got my first try with CMS with Team Bios. CMS Collection list is created but when I make the images in my CMS 100%width, then the layout gets messed up. I want a 3 column layout, but when I make the images 100% width, the 2nd row gets divided into 2 rows and not all 3 columns/image are fitting in that one row as it does work in the first row.

Would appreciate any help in what I am doing wrong!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Can anyone help?? I can’t use grids or the CMS function without figuring out the problems I mentioned in my post above :frowning:

Hi @Jana90

I make a video to help you

Check it out. Tell me if this helpful


thanks so much! Very helpful :slight_smile: