Grid is buggy (can't place or move content as intended)

When trying to move content into the grid, it won’t let me place the content in a targeted grid “container”. The designers flickers between the body and the grid super rapidly and most of the times the content when dropped ends up outside the grid.

Secondly when I manage to get something into the grid and I try to move it into another grid “container” same thing, it flickers between the grid and the body…

Ps. I’m holding down shift to manually place content into a specific grid container.

As you can see when trying to move things into the grid or position it within the grid, it triggers the body tag instead.


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When placing content into the grid, it automatically goes into the first available cell.

You will have to change it from automatic to manual or hold the shift key while dragging the content to place it manually in the grid.

As mentioned in the original post I’m holding down the shift key when trying to add / move content around in the grid :slight_smile:

Still doesn’t work…

Link here:

I’ve tried on other pages in the same project too, same problem everywhere.

Just had a look there. Definitely a bug. The whole grid seems to just glitch.

One temporary option would be to use the manual positioning


I had the same issue yesterday. I thought it might have been because the site had saved (green tic in the top bar) but this didn’t make a difference.


Please submit a bug report through the contact form and someone from our team will take a look at it for you.

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