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Trouble dragging items around grid

Evening all, I’ve recently started playing around with Webflow. I just went through the grid 2.0 tutorial and the guy makes it seem so easy. Easy has not been my experience. I’m having a lot of trouble manually dragging items around the grid. I have the setting on manual but any time I try to move from a cell in the top row to a bottom row that block just pops out of the grid altogether. When I try to move items around the grid there’s a lot of flashing of the grid on the screen but nothing is place where I want it. This is sort of a deal breaker for me if I can’t set up grids the way I want them.

I’ve searched the forum and see others have had the same problem but none of those solutions seem to work for me. Any ideas? For the record I’m currently on just the free plan. Should that matter?

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Hi Eleanor!

The free plan shouldn’t matter at all. When I’m using grid, I try to avoid to drag&drop elements directly to the grid as it seems kind of buggy at times.

I usually drag the element into the grid using the navigator and then position it manually via column start/end and row start/end:


I hope that’s a workaround for you too.

Yes I saw that column placement option after I posted. Thank you.

Weird i’ve never even seen this manual option. In fact I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

Select your element that is sitting in a grid, change its grid-position to “manual” to unlock the column start/end and row start/ end.