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Issues positioning Items in Grid

While using grid I am experiencing an issue where when trying to position things in the grid either by moving or by handles on the element. Each element when dragged into the grid appears to encompass its entirety instead of just the cell the content appears in.

When trying to adjust the parameter it will visually never change but sometimes it can be seen to be affecting the interior cells (only on manual, it doesn’t look like its working for me at all to position any content while on auto). Any ideas if this is a bug or am I screwing something up?

In the image I have the top left item select as it is set to manual, but you can see that its position appears to encompass the whole thing (its a 2x2). Also on chrome if it matters.

Any ideas what the problem might be?

@Maydris Could you use to show us a video of what you are experiencing? Also it would be great if you could share the read only link so we can take a look inside your designer and see what you are seeing/play around with it on our end.

To share that link please read this for instructions: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

@austin Here’s the video

and the preview link:

Does the video have sound? Can you explain what you are trying to do along the recording of you doing it?

@austin I can record it with audio again and explain it as I go, but to be honest the problem is pretty self evident to me. The bounding boxes of whatever I put into the grid (even a new one) fail to constrain themselves to the elements, instead going to the far corners of the grid, both on auto and manual.

I’m not trying to do anything in the video other than purposefully position things which I am failing to do in any respect other than their order.

Hey @Maydris

Thank you for reporting this and no need to record again. I can see the issue with the grid children handles. I’m not able to reproduce the issue at this time even with your preview link. Can you try the following for me and see if the issue becomes resolved?

  • Force reload the browser command shift r in Chrome or option shift r in Safari
  • Try using incognito or private mode

If those steps don’t work, please report back with your browser version number.

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@matthewpmunger it failed in reload and in incognito

This is the Chrome version: Version 74.0.3729.157 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Its on PC if it matters.

I also just tried this on my macbook, but was also unable to reproduce the issues. It seems only present on my desktop.

Though I was also wondering if you might answer another question for me while your here. When I go to move an item in a grid that say spans beyond the bottom of my view-port. When I go to move something - lets say on manual - from one of the bottom columns to the next while at the bottom of the view-port. When I go to do this, begging to drag the element, my view-port shoots up to the top of the page; stopping me from placing the object.
Do you have any idea how that might be prevented?

Thank you for your response. I’ll pass this info onto our engineers and report back when possible.

On the second issue, it would help me better understand if you could do a screen capture. Hopefully, after visualizing, I can address your question.

Thanks in advance.

@matthewpmunger In true technology fashion, as I go to try to recreate the isssue it decides it won’t do it anymore! It comes and goes. If i’m able to capture it in future ill @ you with it as a new topic.

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I’m also having this issue. Just updated chrome and no change. Works fine in Firefox.

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