Grid span and drag error


I’m having issues with the grid. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  1. I can’t span content within the grid.
  2. The bounding box outlines the entire grid when 1 element is selected.
  3. I can’t drag elements within the grid (manual is selected).
  4. What’s with the “column start 1.9895833730697632”

The read-only site behaves correctly, please compare to images for reference.

Here is my site Read-Only:




try to get rid of the “1.989…” positions (make them “1” instead). Drag & Drop should work fine after fixing that.

Are you working in Chrome?

Thanks for your reply.

No luck unfortunately after adjusting the numbers.

Yes, Chrome. Is it a Chrome bug?

Chrome should be fine, it’s acting weird on Firefox sometimes.

Have you tried adjusting the span manually? Through the column start/end and row start/end?

I can adjust manually. The red bounding box still outlines the entire grid when 1 item is selected.



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