"Issues detected" whilst connecting to root domain - unable to fill in @ record CNAME so was advised to use ALIAS

Hi everyone,

I’ve just successfully moved the staging website of a client to a custom domain, but I still get an “issues detected” alert in the Publishing part of the dashboard:

My goal was to use the root of the website as the default go-to URL, so tried to follow these instructions.

The problem I stumbled upon was that I got an error message at the control panel of the domain registrar, saying “An @ record cannot be a CNAME.”. I contacted their support and they said to use ALIAS instead of CNAME, and now it’s working. I still want to get rid of the “issues detected” alert and hope to learn something as well, so was hoping someone can help me along. Here are all the DNS settings of the domain (most of them being email setting that were already there, so I greyed them out):

I hope someone can shine a bit more light on the matter. I will contact support of the registrar again, but my guess is they’re no Webflow experts so will first try here, and then return.

Thanks in advance.

Link of custom domain
Read only link

Hi @Tookster !

Did you add the 2 A records indicated by webflow? I don’t see them in your screenshot.

No I didn’t add these, since the tutorial for setting the root domain as the default domain says I have create CNAME records. Or am I missing something?
Cheers for helping out.

No, you have to add them too! Then, in webflow, you can choose the default domain name.

Have a nice day.