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[Resolved] Custom Domain - SSL/CNAME/A Record Issue

Hello. I am trying to link my new site to a custom domain that I own. I am using the CNAME and A record settings for sites with SSL “on” (and I do have SSL turned on for this project).

Below are, I hope, the relevant settings. Would anyone be so kind as to tell me what I might be doing wrong here? Many, many thanks!


Alias TTL Refers to Host Name 7200

A Records

Host TTL IP 3600 3600 shows just red “Xs” for all name servers. shows being used by most name servers.

When configuring the dns both ip to webflow skuld be without prefix.
CNAME is www and should point to the ssl.proxy

Do you have i picture of your dns config?

Thanks very much, Janne.

We reverted to our old WP site for the moment, so the screenshot won’t help, but I think you pinpointed the issue. We had one IP pointing to “www” and one to “@”. And, if we had added the root domain in Webflow, per the video tutorial (which I was watching while you were replying here) we would have seen the clear directions along the same lines that pop up in the admin panel.

I will follow up once we confirm this works to mark it “resolved,” but thank you so much for your help and your time!


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Confirmed! Both IPs should be linked to the host without a prefix (as in, “”). This issue is now resolved.

This would have been obvious had I reviewed the video tutorial or reviewed the text-based tutorial more carefully.

Thanks again, Janne.

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