Hi content deleted

Can someone explain I’m using the free version and my content got delete there aren’t any colloborators in my project. I have many elements… is it because free version comes with limited storage/ elements? indeed huge paragraph was deleted from my page. I still have the backups I’m not asking for that. I need explanations on how this website works as I won’t be able to monitor every minor change that webflow does whithout permission.

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Content won’t be deleted without alerting you. Is it possible your change didn’t save?

I would check in the site settings, look at the backups, see if maybe it was overwritten.

Hi Tim_Z, not speaking in behalf of Webflow. But I’m experiencing some issues with Webflow not saving randomly. Maybe that’s also your problem?

To save I use ctrl+s and it works just clic in the center of the editor. It’s a finished page I didn’t touch it just came back to check and boum paragraph gone like that.
Sometimes when multi tabing content can be gone you save a version in one tab then a new version in another tab but it doesn’t mach in the last tab that you saved obviously content is deleted. But none of this happen. Thanks sam I have the back up but it’s not my question.

I suspect when I copied an element from another project then deleted it this happened ! 11|690x452

update I checked the backups it was gone before I copied content and deleted

So I have this published project (11 days ago) and content was obviously deleted on multiple pages. Yes I found more loss of content it’s not me doing something I would have noticed that I did something wrong on so many pages. it’s webflow going crazy might be their function of allowing other to view and do changes without saving idk

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