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No formatting!?

Hi there!

I have to paste a long text (from a word doc), but if I do so the formatting is gone and even worser some words are put together. So instead two separate words I have one word! I cannot clear this manually, it would just be a waste of time! I also tried to copy the text from WORD to MAIL and copy it again, but it does not work. It seems to be a bug or a wrong setting in webflow.

Here is the published site:

And a screenshot where you see the words underlined in red.

Thank you very much!!

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Hi @Fred

First, you’ll need to make sure you are using the rich text element rather than a text block or paragraph.

Second, copying from native apps like Word tend to cause quite a few issues with formatting due to their unique way of formatting content. I recommend copying from Google Docs rather than word as this sticks to formatting that can easily be translated to the Webflow rich text element.

I hope this helps!

Awesome! That helps! :+1: Thanks!

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