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Nav bar buttons leads to new browser tab with 404 in preview mode


EDIT: this problem is now at my account too… so, it’s a global problem then? This guy probably gets a lot of hits since all /contact pages in the Designer leads to this page: :smiley:

I’m helping a colleague with a page shes building. For some reason, when in preview mode inside Designer, the buttons in the nav bar just opens a new browser tab with … (404 page) instead of navigating to the linked page inside the Designer. The nav bar buttons work fine in the published subdomain page.

She did not have this problem earlier on in the project. The only difference I can see after the problemoccurred is that a customer is logged in to Editor mode…
(Yes, the styles and padding is a bit messy, I will help cleaning this up before launching)

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I actually just experienced this same issue. I messed with Adblock and any other background apps I thought might be messing with the designer. Still kept having the problem. When publishing the site and going live , the link isn’t broken and doesn’t go to but instead the correct page. Inside the designer however, the navbar or many navbar links despite there link settings still direct to

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