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Issue With GoDaddy Domains and Webflow A-Records?

Hi All,

I recently noticed something worrying as it pertains to websites that have a custom GoDaddy domain attached to them. Right now, all of my client’s websites use GoDaddy domains (total coincidence). A few days ago, they all simultaneously developed an error message on the hosting tab in project settings. All of the websites still work, but Webflow is asking me to “Visit the admin console of your domain registrar (the website you bought your domain from) and create two A Records:”

For my own agency website, I did this no problem and the errors resolved themselves. However, it’s certainly not going to be convenient to ask all of my clients to update their DNS (Most of whom I’ll have to do for them as they’re not technically literate).

My question is, has this happened with anyone else who has custom domains from GoDaddy? And if so, do you think it was caused by an update on GoDaddy’s end? Or Webflow’s end? Or is this totally isolated and the result of something I may have done?


You can manually query Godaddy DNS servers yourself and check to see if there is indeed a broken / misconfigured record(s). That would answer your question.

Upon correcting my own website’s A-Records, the records on Webflow were different from that on GoDaddy. They used to (or at least must have) previously matched, no?

Bare in mind I’m not technically savvy when it comes to this sort of thing. Can you briefly describe a manually query Godaddy DNS and how it’s achieved?